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There are so many other computer consulting firms to choose from, and we realize you have tons of choices and options out there. However, National Geeks, LLC, differentiates itself by providing professional services at affordable rates by experts who have years of experience. Unlike some companies that you will find out there, our team is dedicated toward the success of your business technology needs. Therefore, when you sign up with National Geeks, LLC, a dedicated technical support lead engineer will be assigned to your business. This person’s job will be to work with you and your computer equipment as desired and to fix anything that needs fixing.

In the event that you have a project that you would like done, your technical team lead will complete that task.  If the task is outside of their expertise, they will be responsible for the gathering of the other necessary team members of experts in order to complete your project and provide the highest service possible.

If one factor had to be chosen above all others, perhaps our drive is what makes us most unique. We are willing to do what it takes to ensure you are satisfied with our work. We have put forth such an effort in that respect that word of mouth is now helping us grow exponentially.  Repeat business and referrals from clients account for approximately 75% of our yearly transactions (And we are always seeking new contacts at the same time).

One way we achieved this is by listening to our clients. Please, take a second from your busy day and ask yourself,

  • What would my ideal consulting firm offer me?

  • What extras could someone provide that would make the whole experience easier?

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