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Did you know that with proper management and continuous review of your desktop, laptop, and server equipment could extend its life expectancy? You should also know that must computer problems can be avoided with the proper review and management. Hardware and software check-ups should be left up to the expert because it may not the primary function of your business. The proper management of your technology investments should be done by trained professional who can potentially reduce your overall cost. National Geeks, LLC, stands ready to help reduce the burden of your technology by providing this monthly PC and Server check-up service.

National Geeks, LLC, will visit your office on a monthly basis to work on every computer that you choose to cover under your agreement. This will allow us to take a more proactive approach toward software and hardware problems which may lead to more costly emergency type services. If hardware problems are identified during our evaluation process, we will recommend the most cost effective solution prior to hardware failure.

After the second Tuesday of every month National Geeks, LLC, will arrive at a scheduled time at your place of business to work on all computer systems that are covered under contract. The below tasks will be completed to ensure each device is running at its’ peak performance.

  • Review software logs and address problems that are found
  • Review hardware logs to keep you informed of possible issues down the road and to proactively resolve these issues before more costly situations come up
  • Perform a disk clean-up to optimized disk space usage
  • Delete non-critical files that are wasting space on your computer
  • Validate proper Anti-Virus and Spyware prevention software is installed and up to date “software purchase costs not included”
  • Optimize boot process
  • Install all critical Microsoft security patches
  • Perform disk defragmentation
  • Check hard drive for possible corruption and fix if possible
  • Update and install all available hardware drivers for installed hardware on device
Notice: These same tasks will be done on network server that is covered under contract; however, a reboot of the server can be done after business hours if requested and where remote access is available. Parts and labor for replacement hardware not covered as part of the check-up program. Therefore, customer will be given notice of potential hardware failure along with a recommended corrective action plan, but no action cannot be taken until customer has first approved any expenditures that may be necessary.


National Geeks, LLC, values its customer’s opinions and welcome your feedback. If you have an idea on how National Geeks, LLC, can be of better service to your organization we hope to hear from you.


This is a monthly service that is based on a one-year contract. The contract will commence after an agreed upon number of devices are discussed and an agreement has been reached and signed by both parties. Each month you will only be billed after the services have been rendered on agreed upon invoice schedule. If for some unforeseen reason that prevent National Geeks, LLC, from performing the outlined services in any given month you will not be billed for that month. You only pay for those months where service is performed.


Although this is annual contract, you have the option to cancel at anytime. We simply require 30-day written prior notice of your desire to terminate this agreement. National Geeks, LLC, understands the dynamics of business and put our customer needs ahead of our own, which is why we will not bind you to a long term contract.
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