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Removal of Cyber
Security  Malware

Cyber Security is a scareware program from the same family as Total Security . This rogue is promoted through the use of malware as well as fake online anti-malware scanners. When installed via Trojans, it will be installed on to your computer without your permission. When promoted via the web, you will see a pop-up that states that your computer is infected and that you should download and install Cyber Security to protect your computer. When the program is installed it will be configured to start automatically when you start Windows and perform a scan of your computer. When the scan has finished, Cyber Security will state that there are numerous infections on your computer, but will state it cannot remove anything unless you first purchase the program. This method of showing fake scan results is just a method where the developers of Cyber Security are trying to trick you into thinking that your computer has a security problem in the hopes that you will then purchase the program. As the only security problem on the computer is Cyber Security, you should not purchase this program.

Removal of this program entails a three step process as shown below.  We strongly recommend that you print this page, so that you can use these instructions while offline.

You will need to download the following 3 files and run them in the order they are listed below

  1. rkill.com - save this file to your desktop and then run it

  2. procexp.exe - save this file to your desktop and then rename it to iexplorer.exe, and the double click on this file.  Navigate through the running processes till you locate the process with the icon similar to the one shown within Cyber Security   cyber security icon, right click on that process and kill it

  3. malwarbytes.exe - Malwarebytes download and install this application and make sure you run an update when prompted before continuing.   Run this standard scan and remove all found infections.   "note: I've renamed this file because some malware actually looks for key file names and prevents them from running"
Cyber Security Screen Shot Good luck, and I hope you have success in the removal of this pesky malware problem with the instructions found on this page.

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